Anaesthesia & You

The anaesthetic is an integral part of the procedure you’re to have. The vast majority of procedures require some form of anaesthetic, in fact it has often been said the greatest advance in surgery was the advent of safe anaesthesia. It literally is the Mother of Surgery! As well as providing optimal operating conditions, enabling the best possible outcome, the anaesthetic also protects your body from the destructive effects of stress and thus helps aid your recovery even in the post-operative period.

The type of anaesthetic you require will generally be dictated by the type of procedure you’re having. Special surgical techniques and/or your underlining medical status may necessitate minor changes to this.


There are two main types of anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia (fully asleep) or Local Anaesthesia (numbing the nerves). They are often used in combination. Some local anaesthetic techniques can extend long into the post-operative period providing good pain relief. Sedation is a form of light general anaesthesia used for minimally painful, short procedures (eg: endoscopy). Children nearly always require a general anaesthetic for even the most minor of procedures.

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