Chemical Peels

At Corymbia House-Dandenong Plastic Surgery, we believe in maximising your skin potential without compromising safety. We offer a range of Skincare RX Professional. This is a cosmeceutical range of products formulated for high performance, and based on the latest scientific research.  Common skin conditions which are suitable for the Skincare RX Professional range include ageing changes, sun damaged skin and early pre-cancerous changes, uneven skin tone or superficial blemishes.

A complimentary clinical consultation is recommended before any treatment. The course of treatment and level of depth of Chemical Peels are then individually designed to suit your needs

Mild peels

These peels help to brighten the complexion on a superficial level. Glycolic, salicylic or fruit acids are used to exfoliate away the dead top layers of the skin, revealing the new, bright, healthy skin beneath.  There is relatively no down time with these milder peels.

Cost:  $75 - $150


Non-traumatic Peels

Natural ingredients aid healthy changes deep in the skin, helping to create a beautiful, renewed complexion.  Ideal for conditions such as acne, enlarged pores or ageing skin, these stimulate the skin more deeply and may induce a gentle peeling of the skin.  An after care kit of performance skin care products will need to be used after these peels to soothe and protect the new skin.

Cost:  $85 - $200

Deep Peels

These non-acid peels are the strongest available and will stimulate the skin and induces a deep peeling.  A skin preparation kit will need to be used for 10-30 days prior to the peel to prepare the skin for the deeper peel process. 

Cost:  $180 - $300

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