The ideal candidate for a nose job is someone whose nose is out of balance with his/her face. If other features, such as cheeks or chin, are also disproportionate, fixing the nose alone may not produce the best result.
In Australia, rhinoplasty is often performed to reduce the size of the nose. It is also possible to augment the nose by using cartilage grafts from nose, ear or rib, or synthetic implant, such as silicone. Rhinoplasty can also improve the shape of your nose, either genetic or due to previous trauma.

Surgical techniques

Each nose is different and the operation is tailored to your needs. Generally, if reduction of your bridge alone is desired, a closed technique is used, which leaves no scarring. If more changes, particularly refinements of the nose tip, are required, an open rhinoplasty is performed. This will leave a small scar on the base of the nose. This will fade with time and becomes almost invisible.

The operation

Medical name: Rhinoplasty
Duration: 1-3 hours
Hospital stay: Day surgery or overnight stay
Anaesthetic: General
Nose pack: rarely needed
Pain factor: swelling, variable bruising, soreness and discomfort may be experienced, but should be mostly reduced within a week. Some subtle swelling persists for many months but will not detract from the new shape. Avoid blowing your nose in the first week, even though it will feel blocked.


Recovery time: 1-2 weeks off work. A splint and tapes will be placed on the nose to protect it for one week after the operation. No sports or heavy impact activities for 6 weeks.
Final appearance may take up to 6-12 months.

Estimated costs

Total cost:  $7800 if insured,     $8200 if uninsured

Risks and possible problems

• Approximately 15% of patients may require a touch up procedure to achieve the desired result.
• Avoid knocking your nose in the first few weeks as tiny bone and cartilage fragments may move from where they were placed
• Imperfections, small bumps under the skin, may appear some years later as the skin thins.
• The skin may remain pinkish for a long time due to unavoidable damage to underlying blood vessels. This can be improved by laser.
• Swelling in the skin may take up to 12 months before complete resolution.
• Numbness in the nose tip may last for many months.

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